Benefits of the Airfield

For Flight Schools

Mikkeli Airport benefits for Flight Schools
Mikkeli Airport benefits for Flight Schools

Mikkeli Airport offers five key benefits for flight schools: (1) lots of quiet class G airspace, (2) proper airfield equipment for training purposes, (3) ease of operations, as needed facilities are at the airfield, (4) low cost structure and (5) possibility for cooperation with local education institutions

Mikkeli Airport has one of the Europe’s lowest air traffic densities. Airfield offers good navigation aids for its size, including ILS CAT 1, RNAV (GNSS) A and NDB. Available for rent are three hangars and separate office spaces. Landing fees are at a reasonable level, compared to many other airports in the Nordics.

For Carriers

Mikkeli Airport for Carriers

Mikkeli Airport is operating as a EU/AFIS airport. In addition, the airfield has – as a sole operator in Finland – permission from the Finnish Aviation Authority to operate as a low-cost airfield, meaning there is room for negotiation between potential carriers and the City of Mikkeli, who is the sole owner of the airport.

Mikkeli region consists of approximately 75.000 inhabitants. Within 150 kilometer range there are 700.000 Finnish inhabitants. Within 250 kilometer range there are almost 8 million inhabitants, as the Finnish capital area and the metropolitan area of Saint Petersburg (Russia) are covered.

Travel & Supporting Facts

Aerial photo of Mikkeli by Paula Myöhänen.

1. Finland is the greenest country in the world. South-Savo is the greenest part of Finland.

2. Saimaa region, where the City of Mikkeli is located, is one of the leading holiday villa areas in Finland. Mikkeli alone has 10.500 holiday villas. Lake Saimaa is Europe’s fourth largest freshwater area.

3. Finland has the worlds cleanest air according to world health organization.

4. Finland has the worlds cleanest water according to Unicef.

5. Finland is the safest country in the world affording to Travel & Tourism competitiveness report.

6. No natural disasters. Finland has the smallest risk in the world for natural disasters.

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