About Field

For Aviators

We wish to welcome all aviators to the airport!

  • Runway: 1704/44 meter (5584/144 ft) asphalt runway (runway 11/29)
  • Airfield elevation AMSL: 100m
  • Radio frequency: 123.000
  • Navigation aids: ILS CAT 1, RNAV (GNSS) A, NDB
  • Airport AIS: Ais.fi / EFMI
  • Bulletins: Ais.fi / Bulletins
  • Fuel availability: Inquire availability for Jet A-1 truck
  • Icy conditions: anti-ice and de-ice available
  • Apron parking: 6 aircrafts
  • Hangar: inquire space from the airfield
  • Airfield from air: Visit us in Google Maps

For more information about services, ask [email protected] or call us +358 15 151 674

Brief History

Planning for the Mikkeli airfield started in mid-1920s. By the mid 1930s the airfield was completed and the first large aircraft landed to Mikkeli in 1936.

During WW2, Mikkeli airfield served as a military airfield to host Gloster Gladiators of the Finnish Flight Squadron 12 and later Bristol Blenheims of the Bombing Squadron 44.

1989 started a development project, where the airfield was developed to a modern airport. Runway was also lengthened.

1998 new TWR/AFIS tower was built and systems upgraded.

2005 airport conversion to fulfill modern safety requirements, including ILS.

2012 runway upgrade and new asphalt.

Mikkeli Airport

Lentokentänkatu 4 - 6
FI-50150 Mikkeli

Tel. +358 15 366 427
Email. [email protected]
Fax. +358 15 151 674